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Category Archives: Useful Information

New Site and Week #1 Playoffs

Playoffs started this week in NorCal!  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to check out any games for I have been stuck at home sick for over a week. Congrats goes out to all of the teams who made it.  I will be back out covering a game or two this coming weekend but I haven’t decided which ones...

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Mid-Season: Best of the Best

I can’t believe we have already hit the halfway point of the season, it seems to be going so quickly.  For this reason, I decided to put together a list of the best players I have seen this season thus far. On offense there are three Quarterbacks I have taken notice of the most: 1....

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So you want to know how you can help H.S. football…

Well, it’s simple.  Go see a game.  Take your friends.  Take your kids.  Tell everyone you know to go see a game.  Often times, people forget how pure the game of football is at the high school level and how exciting it is to watch from the stands.  The thrill in the air is almost...

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Pre-Season Excitement

High hopes.  That is what this time of year is filled with as a coach and as a player.  The dreams are big and the possibility of greatness is now within reach.  As a coach, you hope that the confidence you have in your team is realized and not a false reality that has been...

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Hello world!

Introducing Left Coast Football.

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